Friday, November 12, 2010

Self-Portrait Bug Study

This painting was done in acrylics
with a white oil pastel glow around
the portrait. I absolutely love this
piece because the colors that make
up the hair and face are bright and
blend together very smoothly. I also
think the shirt and hands look fairly
realistic. The butterflies in the back
are very light because the self-portrait
was such a center focus that i didn't
want to take the emphasis off that by
cluttering the composition with bold
butterflies. This piece is dedicated to
my kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Gotschalk,
who passed away from cancer when i was
still in her class. Her favorite animals
were monarch butterflies and she helped us
raise some from cocoons but passed before
she could see them be released. After they grew into beautiful butterflies,
the class released them in honor of her life. Basically, the painting is a
reminder that i still remember her and every time i see a monarch butterfly,
i say a quick prayer to say thank you for being an amazing teacher.

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