Wednesday, January 12, 2011

"Three Views of a Still Life"
This was a fun but difficult study because it really challenged me to draw exactly what i saw. The first piece, done in watercolor, was easier and i didn't spend that much time trying to make it look realistic, i tried to stick to simple contour lines drawings with little value in the watercolor. It is my favorite of the three. The next piece was done in graphite pencil and i don't like the outcome because, although i tried very hard, the value and shading wasn't done to the best of my abilities. But overall, i think it was average for a still life. The last piece was done in oil pastel, which was a medium i wasn't that familiar with at the time so i struggled with the shading on the gourd and the light source on the bottle so i didn't find this piece very successful but the beautiful colors almost covered those flaws.

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